In memory of Anna Politkovskaya

The drawing by Vladimir Ivanov

The International Cartoon Club is inviting cartoonists worldwide to take a part in the exhibition devoted to the memory of prominent Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

In her articles Anna exposed corrupt politicians, war criminals, sharply criticized the government. She was also a distinguished human rights advocate. Her murder at the hands of professional killer is another example of similar occurrences in modern Russia.

There have been other journalists in Russia who wrote the truth, but her voice sounded louder than anybody else's," Grigory Yavlinsky, leader of the Yabloko party, told RFE/RL's Russian Service. In the end, Politkovskaya was killed because of her refusal to soften her criticism of the Kremlin, he believes. "She was not simply a political journalist; she was a political opponent of the authorities. In this case it is evident that they have destroyed a political opponent. The authorities have begun eliminating their political opponents physically."

Here are extracts from "Putin's Russia" by Anna Politkovskaya published by Harvill.

Exhibition rules and regulations:
1. The theme of the exhibition is “This murderous word -"Freedom!"” Entries should provide the author’s insight into the conflict between the authoritarian regime and the independent journalism; they should warn about the danger of Nazism in countries where free press is under attack.
2. Everybody can participate in this exhibition. The number of entries is unlimited.
3. The best works will be exhibited at the International Cartoon Club’s site:
4. Format: JPG or GIF. 100 dpi, less than 500KB. The largest side of the image has to be less than 600 pixels.
5. The works have to be sent to the following address: Please include your name, country, and e-mail address.
6. All entries will be immediately considered by the competent jury. Deadline: December 10th.
7. All copyrights belong to the author.
8. Artists submitting cartoons will automatically agree to abide by the above rules.

Welcome to the gallery:
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